Flame safe Fire Retardants
Lumber,plywood or timber is loaded into a treatment cylinder. The door is
sealed and a vacuum is applied. During this stage, most of the moisture
and the air is removed from the wood cells. The vacum in the cylinder
causes the cylinder to fill with Flame Safe's proprietary Fire Retardant.
Pressure is raised in the cylinder forcing the fire retardant solution into
the wood. The pressure and times varies depending on the species of the
wood, the commodity being treated, the cross sectional area,and the
amount of the Fire Retardant solution to be impregnated into the wood.
The pressure in the cylinder forces the remaining fire retardant solution
to flow back into a holding tank. Another vacuum is applied, removing the
excess fire retardant solution from the wood. The lumber, plywood or
timber is loaded onto a tram that services a gas fired forced air klin.
            Heated air is used to extract moisture from the wood.
A gas fired forced air convection system removes most of the moisture from the
wood after treatment. The moisture laden air is dehumidified. The drying rate is
monitored to prevent cracking in the lumber. Lumber is kiln dried to a moisture
content not to exceed 19%. Plywood is kiln dried to a moisture content not to
exceed 15%. Finished moldings and trim is kiln dried to a maximum moisture
content of 6 to 12 % depending on the species and specific use. Pitch in the wood
is crystallized permitting interior and exterior finishes to be easilly applied. When
kiln dried,Flame Safe fire retardant treated wood becomes lighter and stronger,
maximizing it's structural uses.
All Flame Safe's treated lumber, plywood and timbers shall be vacuum-pressure
impregnated to comply with the ASTM E-84 standard (UL723 and the NFPAA 225)
and shall have a flame spread rating of 25 or less.
All Flame Safe's licensed manufacturers are monitored with Fire Prevention
Technologies' Follow-Up Srevice (FPT-FUS). FPT-FUS requires compliance to the
ASTM E-84 standard or ASTM D-3806 equivalency for Class A Type 1 (Surface
Burning Characteristics of Building Materials).
Each piece of treated lumber, plywood,timbers, or architectural millwork shall bear
a Flame Safe tradename and/or its
"Firebuster" trade mark.
           Flamespread less than 25
               in accordance with
      ASTM E-84 - NFPA 255 - UL723
         Kiln Dried After Treatment
   19 for lumber and 15 for plywood
Flame Safe products hae met the standards of the major testing laboratories
in the United States and some foregin countries, such as Underwriters
Laboratories, United States Testing, Southwest Research Institute, Maxim
Technologies-Southwestern Laboratories, United States Forestry
Commission of New South Wales, Australia, Ontario Research of Canada,
and the European Institute for Fire Research of Budapest, Hungary.
Fire Retardant Testing-Will NOT Burn
Flame Safe Treated Wood
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